*index.txt*     Documents of Vim plugins written by kana

Copyright (C) 2009-2010 kana <http://whileimautomaton.net/>

|altercmd.txt|  Alter built-in Ex commands by your own ones
|arpeggio.txt|  Key mappings for simultaneously pressed keys
|bundle.txt|    Load a series of files easily
|exjumplist.txt|        Extra commands for jumplist
|fakeclip.txt|  pseudo clipboard register for non-GUI version of Vim
|flydiff.txt|   on-the-fly diff
|grex.txt|      Operate on lines matched to the last search pattern (:g/re/x)
|metarw-git.txt|        metarw scheme: git
|metarw.txt|    a framework to read/write a fake:path
|narrow.txt|    Emulate Emacs' narrowing feature
|operator-replace.txt|  Operator to replace text with register content
|operator-user.txt|     Define your own operator easily
|repeat.txt|    Enable to repeat last change by non built-in commands
|scratch.txt|   Emacs like scratch buffer
|skeleton.txt|  Skeleton for newly created buffers
|smartchr.txt|  Insert several candidates with a single key
|smarttill.txt| Smart motions, till before/after a punctuation
|submode.txt|   Create your own submodes
|surround.txt|  Plugin for deleting, changing, and adding "surroundings"
|textobj-datetime.txt|  Text objects for date and time
|textobj-diff.txt|      Text objects for ouputs of diff(1)
|textobj-entire.txt|    Text objects for entire buffer
|textobj-fold.txt|      Text objects for foldings
|textobj-function-c.txt|        Text objects for functions in C language
|textobj-function-vim.txt|      Text objects for functions in Vim script
|textobj-function.txt|  Text object for a function
|textobj-indent.txt|    Text objects for indented blocks of lines
|textobj-jabraces.txt|  Text objects for Japanese braces
|textobj-lastpat.txt|   Text objects for the last searched pattern
|textobj-syntax.txt|    Text objects for syntax highlighted items
|textobj-user.txt|      Support for user-defined text objects
|vcsi.txt|      Version Control System Interface
|vspec.txt|     Test framework for Vim script
|wwwsearch.txt| Search WWW easily from Vim
|xire.txt|      Vim script into a programmable programming language
|xml_autons.txt|        auto :XMLns by the current content
|xml_move.txt|  support moving around various objects in XML documents